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More than just a company... a community.




Our goals are simple, to provide the best level of continuous and effective support and education to as many young men as possible. In school, in gyms, on social media, and on the streets. If we can help just one more young lad, then our mission is complete; but that doesn't mean we will stop there, we will work and work till we reach every young lad in England. Even if it takes years, we will do it.

Everything we do here at The Mental Shift is based off of experience, the experience of those who are running the sessions or leading the programs. That's what matters most to us - the ability to relate and empathise, which in turn allows us to provide the best level of support that we can.

Our Values

From the very start, I set out a list of values I swore to always stick by. Values that would ensure we weren't like everyone else, and these values make sure the young people we reach are always put first.

They are:

- Transparency 

- Professionalism

- Honesty

- Responsibility

My name is Kai Leighton and I would like to welcome you to The Mental Shift C.I.C.

I am 19 years old and at the age of 17 I embarked on my journey to create the UK's first ever Community Interest Company that used combat sport to improve the health and wellbeing of young men.

Why? Because this is an issue close to my heart. At the age of 15 I decided that I didn't want to live anymore, a month later I had a mental breakdown in school, and from there it was just downhill. That was until I found Muay Thai and began my journey to a happier and healthier me... 11 months and 44kg later, I stepped in the ring that happiest and healthiest I had ever been.

A lot of people, especially young men, weren't as lucky as me and never got the help they so truly needed. Leaving families, friends, and so many more people to pick up the pieces. So, it is my mission through TMS to make sure that no young lad is left to suffer alone; and that they get the help they need.

1 person at a time, we are making a true difference.


Don't just take our word for it...

hear what everyone else has to say to

TMS brings young lads together all for a good cause and that is to encourage participation in physical activity to boost mental health

Youth Ambassador

Kai helped me understand mental health and how speaking up can help me overcome difficult times. The Muay Thai sessions also helped me express myself and build up my confidence.


The Mental Shift is a professional company that has always put my sons need first; which is an issue we found at other services. I couldn't recommend The Mental Shift enough.



The Mental Shift C.I.C. is on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young men through physical activity. We believe that by providing a tailored package of support, we can help young men build the skills they need to face the unique challenges they encounter. Our programs are designed to address not only mental health issues but also other issues young men may face, such as violent crime and gang behavior. We are committed to eradicating the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health support and helping young men access the support they need most.

Building a
Sustainable Future


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