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As part of our consultancy package, you will receive a full review of your current policies/procedures/training in relation to safeguarding and mental health. Following this review, we will offer a full in-depth analyse of what you already have in place with recommended changes and additions. This allows you to know exactly what you can be doing better to further improve the way you look after you gym goers, clients, and employees.

As an added extra, we also offer to rewrite and update your current or missing policies/procedures as well as support in linking you to the training you need - whether that is first aid, data protection, safeguarding, or anything else.

We will then continue with free-of-charge biannually reviews, to ensure they are kept up-to-date and relevant to your business.

£75 for half package (inc. consultancy and recommendations)
£195 for full package (inc. rewrites and reviews)

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